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Books about Indian culture and Hindu festivals

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A charming book--well written and illustrated. Bought this for my niece who wants to be a princess.

I found this book extremely fun to read to children in getting them to learn about the festival of Diwali. I would recommend this book to any family with children or to an elementary school that is teaching its students about festivals of the world.

Very well written story (Rani Celebrates Holi) that captures the essence of the festival.. I read it to my 4 year old's class in school and they all loved it

Cute story that teaches about Diwali traditions. My preschooler loved the story, and it helped show him the holiday is bigger than just our family.

Lord Ganesha is my daughter’s favourite deity. She was so excited to read it. The most wonderful aspect of this book is that it’s very simple to understand. The author has not just explained about Ganesha festival but also has taken care to educate young minds about how to celebrate an eco-friendly Ganesha.  “Going Green” is a must in today’s world. And if we can teach children these things through books, nothing like it.

I loved the illustrations. The dialogues of Hari, “No problem no problem” and many others are too funny.  Oh wait! It’s not about only watching animals and returning home, then comes the topsy turvy scene in the palace! After Rani returns back from the Jungle, she gets a surprise in her snack box, which creates a little trouble in the palace. And how Rani solves the problem, is commendable. For that you need to read the story.

Good story about Holi celebration and comes with a lesson. My toddler loves it.

Princess Rani, like any other kid, is super excited about the festival of Holi and she celebrates it with her family and friends. But what an amazing roller coaster ride of events happens in between!  This book is a complete package for inculcating the values of culture, friendships, family, courage for saying truth, values of emotions, cleanliness and most important the right way of playing Holi. The very last page has got a full description of why we celebrate this festival.