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The Not-So Tricky Navratri Dance

Bindi, the elephant lives in India with Little Princess Rani.  One day, Bindi finds out that Rani and her friends are practicing Dhandiya, the stick dance, that is part of the celebrations for the festival of Navratri. Bindi is excited to join the group to learn this dance too but finds it tricky as she does not know her left from her right. Find out how Bindi and her friends make this dance not-so tricky to learn in time for Navratri. 

Rani Saves Diwali

Little Princess Rani is a Princess of a Kingdom in India. On the day of Diwali she finds out that

the palace's Royal Decorator has had an accident. Rani has an idea on how to finish the Diwali

decorations in time for the Diwali celebration. Find out how Rani saves Diwali!

Rani and the Very Special Rakhi


Little Princess Rani is ready to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, the festival that celebrates the bond between brother and sister. As part of the celebration, Rani ties a rakhi (decorative thread) to her brother Raja's wrist, which is meant to protect his life. In return, Raja promises to protect Rani forever. This year, Raja's birthday happens to fall on Raksha Bandhan, so Rani must find an very special rakhi for Raja! Find out how Rani finds Raja's very special rakhi and learns about the true meaning of this festival in this new adventure.


Rani and her friends are excited to celebrate the spring festival of colors, Holi, except her pet elephant, Bindi. Bindi is a very clean elephant and does not like to get messy by playing with the colored powder in this festival. But Rani has an idea that will convince Bindi to take part in the Holi festivities. Find out how Rani convinces Bindi to enjoy the Holi fun in this very colorful adventure!

Rani Celebrates Holi


Rani Visits the Taj Mahal


Little Princess Rani is in the city of Agra visiting the Taj Mahal with her family and pet parrot, Hari. Hari is so excited to explore the beautiful Taj Mahal that he wanders away from Rani and finds himself lost! Find out how Hari finds his way back to Rani in this adventure.

Rani and the Safari Surprise!

Little Princess Rani and her friend Jaya, take a safari jungle tour in India. After spending a fun day learning about different animals, they begin their trip home. Once they reach home, however, Rani finds a mischievous surprise waiting for her!

Rani's Green Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

Every year, Little Princess Rani is excited to celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi which honors the elephant-headed Hindu God, Ganesh. Rani is not sure that the Ganesh murthi used in the visarjan (immersion of the idol in the river) is eco-friendly. Rani thinks up a plan that will allow them to celebrate the festival in a pollution-free way. Find out how Rani's plan helps save the environment in this new tale.